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Need a home appraised in Bloomington?

Orion Appraisals is a Twin Cities based real estate appraisal firm that specializes in the appraisal of residential real estate in Bloomington, MN. Our appraisals are used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Buy-sell decisions
  • Setting a home’s listing price (pre-listing)
  • Executors of estates/probate
  • Estate planning and tax reporting

At Orion Appraisals it’s our goal to provide valuation analyses and insights at a price point that can’t be obtained from any other appraisal firm in the Twin Cities metro. We go above and beyond client expectations with accurate, detailed, and defensible appraisal reports that are thoroughly researched, well supported, and easy to read and understand.

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Top Reasons to Work with Orion Appraisals

Work with Orion Appraisals and you’ll receive a highly-informative and easy to read appraisal product.

Our appraisers are experts at appraising homes in Bloomington. We are often hired by homeowners, real estate agents, attorneys, and government agencies to perform expert valuations on homes in Bloomington.

Our team consists of experienced Certified and Licensed Appraisers as well as talented support staff.  Our President, Joe Sullivan, has also obtained his MAI designation.  The MAI designation is a prestigious designation awarded by the Appraisal Institute to those appraisers that have shown a high level of appraisal expertise through a series of coursework, exams, demonstrations, and experience hours. 

We specialize in preparing appraisal reports for non-financing purposes. Most home appraisers work almost exclusively for financial institutions, which have different reporting requirements than property owners, the IRS, and the courts.

Home Values in Bloomington

So, what’s happening to home values in Bloomington? That’s a question with as many different answers are there are homes in the city. However, there are several tools homeowners can use to get a good idea of what is happening with the housing market in their area.

Appraisers and economists determine housing market conditions by analyzing a variety of different metrics in a given market area, including median sales price, median sales price per square foot, and months supply of housing. While these are sometimes general and simplistic measures, they are good overall indicators of what is happening with current housing trends in your area.

Note: These housing statistics are updated monthly, so please check back often!

The median price per square foot is based on a home’s total finished square footage, as opposed to it’s total area or it’s above-grade finished area (gross living area.)

Looking for more nuanced information? Contact us or obtain a fee quote for an appraisal from Orion Appraisals and we’ll analyze housing trends in your neighborhood and tell you the market value of your home.

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